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Activate FullDump on the Engine


Why enable FullDump on the Engine? How can I enable it?


Sometimes when Engine service crashes, we need a full memory dump in order to troubleshoot better. By default, a MiniDump will be generated which provides a small amount of information.


1. Connect to the Engine in question via ssh and run the following commands:
Note: restart of the Engine service is required to apply changes.

sudo nxinfo config -s debug.dump_type=FullDump
sudo systemctl restart nxengine@1
nxinfo config -w | grep dump_type

The last command should return <dump_type>FullDump</dump_type>

2. Once the Engine crash the FullDump file (coredump) will be generated in the folder: /var/nexthink/engine/01/debug/
Copy the file and provide to support team for the further analysis.

3. Return back to the default configuration:

sudo nxinfo config -s debug.dump_type=MiniDump
sudo systemctl restart nxengine@1

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