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Activity tooltips



Executions tooltip.png

The tooltip shows the number of executions during the selected time interval. All the applications executed by user accounts were run at the user privilege level. Note that executions carried out by system accounts, which usually operate at the administrator privilege level, may also contribute to the count.

Privilege warning

Execution warning tooltip.png

The tooltip displays the number of executions during the selected time interval with an additional privilege warning. The warning indicates that at least one of the executions was carried out by a user account with power user or administrator privilege levels.


Connections tooltip.png

The connections tooltip displays the overall amount of traffic measured during the selected time interval. This includes the TCP and UDP traffic that the device sent out and the TCP traffic that the device received.

User interaction

User interaction tooltip.png

The tooltip displays the name of the user that interacted with the device along with the total duration of the interaction (in parenthesis). The maximum duration is limited by the selected time interval, which is indicated in the header of the tooltip. User interaction is detected as mouse or keyboard activity of the user. The user is considered inactive if the device does not receive any mouse or keyboard event for 15 minutes.

The tooltip can only be displayed if the monitoring of user interaction is enabled.

Session Network Latency


This tooltip displays an average value of the session network latency taken across all session performance events.

Citrix RTT


This tooltip displays an averaged value of the Citrix round trip time taken across all session performance events. That measure is only available for the Independent Computing Architecture (ICA) protocol from Citrix.

User Executions Status


This tooltip displays the executions triggered by a user on a virtual environment.

Mobile synchronization

MobileSync tooltip.png

At least one successful synchronization with the Exchange ActiveSync server has been detected within a one-hour window.

If push notifications are set-up, the device will automatically synchronize when a new event arrives on the server (email, calendar update, etc…). However, the user can also manually synchronize their device at any time, or disable push notifications and schedule the synchronization at a regular interval.


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