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Application control and remote actions

AppLocker compatibility mode

Starting from the Collector version, the Nexthink Act scripts can be executed under the current interactive user session, even when AppLocker is running on the machine.

To ensure everything is working as expected, the scripts must be allowed to run by the AppLocker policy. This is not specific to Nexthink and you can learn more on that on the Microsoft documentation website.

To activate the AppLocker compatibility mode add the following registry key.



Value name


Value type


Value data


The change will take effect straight away, there is no need to restart the Collector or the operating system.

Important guidelines

When Nexthink Act runs in AppLocker compatibility mode, make sure to follow these specific guidelines impacting the format of the input parameter names:

  • The first character must be a letter or an underscore.

  • The subsequent characters must be alpha-numeric, a hyphen or an underscore.

  • The parameter name must not exceed 255 characters.

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