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Application not responding events


Starting from V6.24, the Mac Collector records application not responding events from macOS devices, in much the same way as the Windows Collector. Applications that do not respond to user input have a negative impact on the overall experience of the user and thus are an important part of the Digital Experience Score.

The technique employed by the Collector to determine whether an application is not responding on macOS differs however from the method followed on Windows. Learn in this article how the Collector measures application not responding events on each platform.

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Application not responding on Windows

On Windows, the Collector regularly checks the responsiveness of applications by sending messages to their open windows. When an application does not processes these messages timely, a new application not responding event is created.

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Application not responding on macOS

On macOS, the Collector relies on the OS logs to know whether an application was not responding. However, macOS reports unresponsiveness only after the user has forcefully quitted an application.

That is, if an application is not responsive at some point, but the user does not force the application to quit, and then the application recovers, the Collector will not report the application as not responding.

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