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Change the maximum inactivity time period of devices in the Engine?


How can I change the maximum inactivity time period of devices configured on the Engine Appliance?


The Engine is configured to remove automatically inactive devices, corresponding events and free the license of an inactive device after 90 days (by default). You can reduce this time to a suitable amount of days for you.
Note that modifying the maximum inactivity period of devices is local to each Engine.


Login via SSH/CLI to the necessary Engine and run the following commands with desired value:

sudo nxinfo config -s limit.max_inactivity_period= 
sudo nxinfo config -s limit.max_event_period= 

Example (for 30 days):

sudo nxinfo config -s limit.max_inactivity_period=2592000
sudo nxinfo config -s limit.max_event_period=2592000

Note: The value should is in seconds (7776000 seconds = 90 days) and that this value will impact not only devices but also all events associated with them.

7776000 seconds = 90 days
5184000 seconds = 60 days
3888000 seconds = 45 days
2592000 seconds = 30 days

Once this modification is done, the Engine needs to be restarted to take the new value into account.

sudo systemctl restart nxengine@1

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