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CMDB Connector


Nexthink CMDB Connector gives ServiceNow users access to Nexthink data, offering more accurate IT asset and dependency information. With this integration, companies can synchronize the Configuration Items they manage through Nexthink with their ServiceNow instance. Users can browse linked information related to computers, services, software, and users directly from their ServiceNow instance for a more complete and up-to-date view.

With this application, ServiceNow users will be able to:

  • Import Configuration Items: devices (servers and workstations), services, software and users from Nexthink to ServiceNow CMDB.

  • Import relationships between Configuration Items in Nexthink to ServiceNow CMDB

  • Select which information for each Configuration Item will be imported to ServiceNow CMDB.

  • Visualize statistics about import executions.

  • Explore relationships between Configuration Items using ServiceNow interface.

  • Support for multiple Nexthink Engines.

  • Support of normalizations added via the ServiceNow Field Normalization and Transformation plugin.


Nexthink CMDB Connector for ServiceNow is an integration application available in the ServiceNow Store. To install the Nexthink integration, purchase it in the Store (it is free of charge) and add it as a new application to your ServiceNow instance.

Installation guide, troubleshooting guide, and other information are available on Nexthink community.


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