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Connectivity issue between the Finder and the Portal/Engine


What information to gather when facing a connectivity issue between the Finder and the Portal/Engine?


Please make sure to collect the diagnostic logs from the Finder when trying to connect.

We will also need a support script output from the Portal to investigate any possible communication issues on the Portal side.

If you think that there is a connectivity issue between the Finder and the Engine, you can activate the Finder logs in the Engine and see the possible error message by following these steps:

  1. Enable the Finder logs through the Engine command line interface (CLI) with the following command:

    nxinfo log -d Finder
  2. Reproduce the scenario by trying to connect with the Finder.

  3. Disable the Finder logs through the Engine CLI:

    nxinfo log -i Finder
  4. Open a ticket to Support,  run the support script on the Engine Appliance and the Portal Appliance. Once logs are collected attach the output to the support case.

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