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Creating a dashboard


Create a new dashboard in the Portal whenever you wish to get a visual representation of a part or an aspect of your IT infrastructure. Dashboards summarize a lot of data and complex investigations in a single web page; therefore, they are most useful when built with a consistent set of graphical items.

Administrators can create content in the Portal and share it with other users in the form of dashboards. Normal users whose profile lets them create personal dashboards can equally create their own content. In addition, normal users whose profile lets them publish dashboards can also share their dashboards with other users.

Portal dashboards are organized into modules, which act as containers for dashboards. The type of module determines the kind of dashboards that the module may hold.

Creating modules and dashboards

To create a dashboard, you need a module first. Depending on the kind of content that you want to add to the dashboard, the module must be of an appropriate type.

Follow the instructions in the corresponding section of the documentation to create or reuse a module of a particular type and add a new dashboard to it:


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