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Enabling Finder access to the Library


The Finder has access to the Library for importing ready-made content into your Nexthink setup.

Look for official content packs in the Nexthink Library catalog.

Access to the Library

Starting from 6.12, the Finder connects to the Library via HTTPS and not HTTP by default. The address of the Library is centralized in the Portal. The Finder gets the address of the Library when connecting to the Portal at user login.

The default address of the Library is To provide your own content library, change this address in the configuration file of the Portal:

  1. Log in to the CLI of the appliance that hosts the Portal.

  2. Optional: If the Portal has no configuration file yet, that is, if portal.conf does not exist in folder /var/nexthink/portal/conf, create it by copying the defaults from the sample configuration file: sudo -u nxportal cp /var/nexthink/portal/conf/portal.conf.sample \

  3. Edit the Portal configuration file: sudo vi /var/nexthink/portal/conf/portal.conf

  4. Add the following line: globalconfig.finder-content.library-url = "your_library_url"

  5. Save your changes and exit: :wq

  6. Restart the Portal to apply your settings: sudo systemctl restart nxportal

Provide the URL of your alternate content library either with the HTTPS or the HTTP scheme. For example:

  •, to connect through port 443 and a secure communication.

  •, to connect through port 80 and an insecure communication.

Deprecated access configuration

The following registry key in the device that runs the Finder is deprecated:


Starting from 6.12, the Finder ignores the value of this registry key and only obeys to the address provided by the Portal to access the Library.


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