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Examining the logs in the Portal

The log files of the Portal are located in the Appliance that hosts it under:


The names of the all the log files of the Portal are prefixed with the word portal_.

Log files

The names of the log files reflect the current running mode of the Portal. Note that, for medium and large modes, subsystems of the Portal write to different log files:

  • portal_<running mode>.log: Standard log file.

  • portal_activity_<running mode>.log: Extract higher level information such as Engine connection state, size of the database, memory consumption of the JVM.

  • portal_<running mode>.err : Standard error stream with low-level error messages (for support and unexpected cases).

  • portal_<running mode>.out : Standard output stream with low-level information (for support and unexpected cases).

Running Modes

Depending on the size of the Portal database, there are different running modes.

To know the current running mode, take a look at the file:


The name and the number of log files depend on the running mode, as listed below:

Small mode

  • SMALL: Single node running in single JVM mode.

Medium mode

  • MEDIUM_UI: Portal UI, Portal compute and HTTP server when running in dual JVM mode.

  • MEDIUM_INFRA: Content manager, login manager, communication layer, real-time layer when running in dual JVM mode.


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