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Frequency of the data sent by the Collector


What is the frequency of data sent by the Collector to the Engine?


The Collector sends data to the Engine every 60 seconds by default. If the internal buffer of the Collector is full before a period of 60 seconds has elapsed, the Collector flushes the buffer and sends the data to the Engine right away. The default maximum packet size is 1500 bytes.

The Collector captures different types of data at different rates from the host device. Some data are periodically repeated because UDP packets may get lost on the way or because the data may have changed on the device.

  • Every 60 seconds: Information regarding CPU, memory consumption, executions, connections and basically what you can see in the Finder on a real-time basis.   

  • Every 5 minutes: Information regarding object status (status of user: logged in/logged out; Status of an existing application: if the application is running, terminated or crashed; Status of connection (TCP): established or closed).  

  • Every 15 minutes: Information about OS, machine name, domain, group; User information: login, privileges; Running Application information; Printer information, virtualization information, Application experience information.  

  • Every 60 minutes: Installed packages\patches (unless set to be less often - see pkg_interval nxtcfg parameter), security information, antivirus, firewall status, device Hardware information, graphical devices information, group policy information.  

  • Every 360 minutes: Group Policy Object information, currently used monitors, User groups.

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