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How can I make sure the Nexthink Appliances are time-synchronized in the network?


How can to make sure the Nexthink Appliances are kept synchronized with the corporate time keeping server?


Time synchronization between servers and clients is very important in corporate networks. This also applies to Nexthink Appliances and Endpoints, which should be time-synchronized between each other, along with any other service they interact with (e.g.: Active Directory servers for AD Authentication).

If you are running the Nexthink Appliances as virtual machines, make sure to first disable the time synchronization services provided by your virtualization layer. Please consult with your IT/Infrastructure department or virtualization service provider to know more about disabling this feature.

The time synchronization must be managed by the Nexthink Console using an NTP server (Portal WebConsole → Network Parameters NTP), as seen below:

NOTE: This is normally done during the initial configuration of an installation of a fresh Appliance. More information can be found here: Installing the Appliance: Appliance Network Parameters

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