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How can I reset the admin password of the Portal?


In case of forgotten/lost the admin password of the Portal website.

How can I reset the admin password of the Portal?


Depending on whether you have access to the Portal Appliance's Web Console or not, you will need to use one method or another.

In both cases, the password will be reset to "admin".

NOTE: Portal service will be restarted after the password reset.


From the Web Console

You can easily reset the Portal's admin password by click on the Reset Portal password Web Console > Portal Tab:


If you cannot access the Portal WebConsole, you can also reset the admin password by using a script directly from the Appliance CLI/SSH session.

To reset the admin password in the Portal via CLI, use the following script:

  • /var/nexthink/portal/database/

If this script is not present in your Portal Appliance, please download it from this article. 

Here are the instructions on how to use it:

  1. Browse to the folder where the script is located (or upload the file in this directory)

    cd /var/nexthink/portal/database/ 
  2. Run the script using the following command: 

  3. Restart the Portal for the changes to be taken in account 

    sudo systemctl restart nxportal

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