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How can I troubleshoot online license issues?


I'm having some issues when trying to activate my online license or when trying to update the device allocation. How can I troubleshoot that?


The Local License Manager (LLM) is a Nexthink component installed on the Nexthink Appliance hosting the Portal. This component connects to the Nexthink Central License Manager (CLM) hosted in the cloud to retrieve the license information.

The LLM is in charge of managing everything related to the product license and communicates with our Central License Manager (CLM) server in the case the license is of the type "online".

The default schedule the LLM follows to query the Central License Manager (CLM) is every 6 hours.

This way Portal will know whether any change has been made or not (for example, a new module has been purchased, the validity period has been extended, license has expired, etc.).

If you are encountering problems when trying to activate your online license please follow the steps below.


NOTE: If your environment is using a proxy, please use the --proxy option in the commands below.


curl --proxy [PROTOCOL://]HOST[:PORT] -k [URL]
  1. Check the connectivity from the LLM to the CLM.  To verify the connectivity from the LLM to the CLM, connect to the Portal Appliance using a Command Line Interface (CLI) and enter the following command: 

    curl -k http://localhost:8100/llm/1/pingClm
  2. Check the connectivity from the Portal Appliance to the CLM ignoring certificate errors.   To verify the connectivity from the Portal Appliance to the CLM, connect to the Portal Appliance using a CLI and enter the following command: 

    curl -k
    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes"?><ping version="1"><application>central-license-manager</application><hostname></hostname><status>RUNNING</status></ping>

Should your output differ from the output above then there is likely some connectivity problem.

Items to check/verify:

  • Please make sure that port 443 is open as indicated in the connectivity requirements.  

  • If you are using a proxy, verify that it is correctly configured in the Web Console.  Here is the related documentation.  

  • Verify that the traffic between and the machine hosting the Portal is allowed and not altered in your firewall/proxy settings.

If the first command failed and the second succeeded, you can have a look at the LLM logs:


If the issue persists, please open a support case using and attach the output of the support script to it (run it on the Appliance hosting the Portal).

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