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How to extend the disk size of the Nexthink Appliance?


After extending the physical or virtual disk where the Nexthink Appliance is installed, the Appliance does not detect the increase of disk space. The operating system of the Appliance does not automatically resize its disk partitions.

What can I do to solve this?


Customers want to extend the storage capacity of their Nexthink Appliances for several reasons.

Most of them are related to new Hardware Requirements that need to be met before updating, increasing data availability period, etc.

Depending on the installation type you have, you may use different methods for extending the disk(s) of your Appliance.

On-premise Appliances

By On-premise, we mean that you installed the Appliance in a virtual or physical server using our ISO image, downloadable from our Products Downloads page.

  1. Download the GParted Live ISO file. 

  2. If the Appliance is installed in a physical server, create a bootable device (usually a CD or USB key) with the GParted Live ISO.

  3. Stop/Shut-down the Appliance machine.

  4. Connect the bootable device to your server or virtually connect the GParted ISO file to your virtual server and boot the Appliance from it.

  5. Extend the main partition (normally /dev/sda5 but could be /dev/sda3 on older setups) and apply the changes.

Select extra space to be added and click "resize/move"

Click apply (highlighted in red) and wait for the operation to finish.

Once done, power off, disconnect the ISO and restart.
 For more information on the Gnome Partition Editor please refer to the GParted official documentation.

Cloud Appliances (managed by customers)

For customers' Cloud instances, today we deliver a flexible VHD where you can set the size of the data disk while installing the Appliance. Then, in each Cloud service provider you have different ways of extending the data disk (where Nexthink-related data is mounted on - that is, the databases, configuration, etc.).

We do not have a workaround for all the Cloud platforms we support, but we do have one for Appliances running in Azure. Please find attached the guide about how to extend the root partition on Azure.

Root file system extend procedure for Nexthink Appliance.pdf

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