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How to get the Finder diagnostic logs?


How to get the Finder diagnostic logs?


In case you are facing an unexpected behavior with the Nexthink Finder that you cannot solve yourself, please follow the next steps to retrieve the information you need to send us: 

Open the Finder and click the interrogation mark and then "Diagnostics" in the finder.

Check the "Collect detailed application diagnostics" box and click "OK".

Now, reproduce the problem that you are reporting/facing.

Once done, click the "Send feedback or bug report" menu.

Copy the content from the application diagnostics details (click in the lower section, which is the debug information and press Ctrl + A to select everything and then press Ctrl + C to copy the content) and then save it in a text file.

Attach created text file to the support ticket and send it to Nexthink Support.

Note: Please do not paste the entire log as plain text in the ticket as the ticketing system will truncate the output.

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