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Incident Management Connector


Nexthink Incident Management Connector for ServiceNow offers Nexthink customers the possibility of integrating end-user IT data into the ServiceNow platform to increase visibility during the Incident Management operations to IT support teams.

With this application, ServiceNow users will be able to:

  • Get real-time data about the endpoint health using the customized Nexthink Scores when opening or checking incidents.

  • Save snapshots of the Nexthink Scores in the Work Notes for future reference.

  • Leverage all the power of the Nexthink ACT to fix endpoint problems remotely.

  • Open tickets in ServiceNow directly from the Finder.

Nexthink Scores can be loaded into the ServiceNow application in form of an XML file. This XML file can be generated by using the Scores Export option available in Finder. Apart from the Scores to be used, this XML to be loaded into the ServiceNow application may have defined remediation actions associated with some features.

Example of score and remediation actions in ServiceNow Incident Management:

ServiceNow IMC.JPG


Nexthink Incident Management Connector for ServiceNow is an integration application available in the ServiceNow Store. To install the Nexthink integration, purchase it in the Store (it is free of charge) and add it as a new application to your ServiceNow instance.

Installation guide, troubleshooting guide, and other information are available on Nexthink community.


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