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Increasing the maximum number of metrics


For a good compromise between the number of available metrics and the consumption of resources in the Portal in terms of disk space and computation time, the default maximum number of enabled metrics in a setup is 500 metrics. In large setups, however, a total of 500 metrics is often not enough to cover all needs.

To avoid falling short of available metrics, increase the limit of maximum enabled metrics up to 1000 metrics from the Web Console.

Configure the limit of metrics on the Web Console

To increase the maximum number of metrics:

  1. Log in to the Web Console of the primary appliance.

  2. Select the PORTAL tab at the top of the window.

  3. Click General on the left-hand side menu.

  4. Under Parameters, select the desired new maximum number of enabled metrics from the list Max number of Metrics:

  5. If you have reserved disk space for the details of count metrics:

    1. Double the quantity of disk space stated in the field Disk space allocated for historical data.

  6. Click SAVE CHANGES. To activate the new value, the Portal restarts.

When setting a new limit to the maximum number of enabled metrics, remember the following guidelines:

  • Increase your current value step by step (add 100 metrics from the list each time).

  • Ensure that your setup runs correctly for a week:

    • The disk space available for the Portal is sufficient.

    • The nightly computation does not extend for longer than 2 hours.

If your setup runs smoothly with the new setting and you still need more metrics, go back to the first step until you reach the absolute maximum of 1000 metrics.

Disk space requirements

The disk space requirements in the Portal grow linearly with the number of enabled metrics. See the table of Portal requirements to find the disk space required for 500 and 1000 enabled metrics.


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