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Integrations overview

Nexthink collects and processes a great deal of information coming from your IT infrastructure. Nexthink is able to monitor, including but not limited to, the configurations, program installations, application executions, user interactions, network connections, printer usage and system failures of the machines inside your corporate network. In this way, Nexthink provides you an end-user perspective of what is going on inside your IT infrastructure. This data is highly valuable to any IT department. However, IT departments typically do not use just one tool, but multiple tools for different purposes. The ability to combine the available tools in a convenient way is a key factor to the efficiency of your IT department.

Hereby we explain the built-in mechanisms of Nexthink to interact and share data with third-party tools by means of standard protocols and common interchange formats. Your IT team will then be enabled to build full-blown IT solutions by taking advantage of the monitoring capabilities of Nexthink and integrating them with the third-party software of your choice.

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