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Issues/errors during the update process


What is the reason for errors during the updating process of the Appliance? 


Have a look at the common errors/issues below.

1. "[Errno 256] No more mirrors to try" appears during update process in the Web Console. 

For the online update, check connectivity to the updates repositories through port 443:

  • For CentOS-based appliances:

  • For Oracle Linux-based appliances:

If it fails then proceed with the next steps:

  • Check proxy configuration, it might be a root cause. 

  • Optionally uncheck "Check SSL certificate when connecting to cloud services" in the Webconsole (Appliance -> Cloud services)

  • Execute following commands from the CLI of the Appliance: 

sudo yum clean all
sudo rm -rf /var/cache/yum
sudo yum update

for updating with skip broken:

sudo yum update --skip-broken


2. After the Update (online/offline) duplicated rpm appear in the Appliance. 

Make a sanity check to remove duplicate rpm packages (if any) to be performed on the Appliance: 

sudo package-cleanup --cleandupes

make sure that all components were updated to the latest version with the following command (online update): 

sudo yum update

for the offline update, use the "Offline update package" from the downloads section.


3. Failed dependencies (offline update)

For the offline update, please make sure the System updates were applied first for the Appliance [Link], the Appliance should be restarted after, to have system updates applied correctly. Once this is done you can update components Engine/Portal [Link].


4. The Engine is not connecting in the Portal UI and it appears with a "yellow dot"

  • Make sure the Engine service is up and running, the version of the Engine and the Portal should be the same (taking into account "X" number only, ex. V6.X...)

  • Check the necessary ports are open for communication, especially ports: 999; 22; 7000-7003.

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