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Manually updating DNS names for destinations on the engine


Can I manually update DNS names for destinations in the engine database?


When a destination is first discovered by the Nexthink Engine, it will automatically resolve the DNS name. If there is any change in the DNS configuration or a name of a particular destination is updated in DNS server, you will need to refresh the DNS name.

There are 2 ways this can be done:

Via the CLI.

Connect to Engine's via SSH

Use Engine's support account to login

Run the command:

nxinfo lua -e "system:resolve_dns()"

Via the portal

Click the “cog wheel” and then “Appliances”

Tick the box of the engine appliance you wish to refresh DNS for and hit the “actions for selected engines” button. Now click "Refresh DNS” to start the process.

The process should take roughly 30 minutes to complete but depends on how many destinations are present in the engine it’s database. It can also cause load on the DNS server by performing these reverse lookups so it might be a good idea to perform this out of the regular business hours.

The DNS server used to resolve these destinations is the one configured in the Webconsole of the Engine under network parameters.

In case a destination is not getting resolved then please make sure that this DNS server is able to resolve the name. If the PTR record is missing for the destination on the DNS server then the engine will also not be able to lookup the destination DNS name.

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