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Rule-based assignment backup and restore

If you activated rule-based Collector assignment on your setup, learn here how to make a backup of the assignment data stored in the Portal appliance.

Manual backup

To manually back up the rule-based assignment data:

  1. Log in to the CLI of the Appliance that hosts the Portal.

  2. Run the backup script. The script automatically adds the .tgz extension to the name of the file: sudo /var/nexthink/nxassignment/bin/ target-filename

    • The backup file of rule-based assignment is stored under:


Automatic backup

Every day at 22h00, a cron job triggers the automatic backup of the rule-based assignment data. Find the cron job specification under:


And find the script executed by the cron job here:


The script makes a copy of the current assignment data and stores them in the following backup folder with the specified format:


Specify the maximum number of local backups that are kept in the directory by editing the first variable in the script By default, up to ten backups are kept simultaneously:


If external backups have been activated, the automatic script copies the daily backup to external storage right after generating it.

Restoring the assignment rules

Restore the rule-based assignment data either to the same or to a different Appliance from which you made the backup.

To restore the assignment data from the backup:

  1. Log in to the CLI of the Portal Appliance where you want to restore the assignment data.

  2. Copy the backup file into the Portal Appliance using your favorite SCP tool.

  3. Run the restoring script: sudo /var/nexthink/nxassignment/bin/ \

Although rule-based assignment data can be restored independently of Portal data, if both need to be restored, we recommend to restore the Portal first.


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