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Viewing Collector deprecated fields

Starting from V6.6, the fields that relate to the update of the Collector with the deprecated Updater are effectively deprecated as well. You may still need to take a look at these fields if you have old versions of the Collector in your infrastructure and you want to know about their exact update status.

To be able to see these deprecated fields in both the Finder and the Portal, set this value in the Windows Registry of all the computers that have the Finder installed:

  1. On the computer where the Finder is installed, press Win+R to open the Run box.

  2. Type in regedit and press Enter to launch the Registry Editor.

  3. Browse the Windows registry in the Registry Editor and select the key HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Nexthink.

    • If the value DeprecatedFieldsVisible does not exist in the key:

      1. Right-click the area on the right-hand side of the Registry Editor that holds the list of values for the key.

      2. Select New -> DWORD (32-bit) Value from the context menu.

      3. Type in DeprecatedFieldsVisible as the name of the value.

  4. Right-click the value with the name DeprecatedFieldsVisible to change its data.

  5. Select Modify... in the context menu. The dialog to edit the value shows up.

  6. Set the value of the field Value data to 1 in the dialog.

  7. Click OK.

For the user to distinguish them easily, these Collector fields appear in a separated section in the Finder and with the suffix (deprecated) in the Portal.

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