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Why does the Finder say that I don't have a license when I do?


I activated my license using the Portal, but when I try to connect to an Engine using the Finder, I get the following error message:


Why do I receive this message?


Once the license is activated in the Portal and if the license is still valid (end date not reached), there are a few configuration steps to verify, to make sure the license can be synchronized with the Engine. If those steps are not correctly checked, it is possible that the Engine doesn't receive the license information preventing you to connect to it using the Finder.

Here are the different configuration steps to check:

  1. The status of the Engine has to appear as green under Portal Administration > Engines:

  2. After activating the license, some Devices have to be allocated to the Engine(s). You may want to make sure the license allocation is correct under Portal administration > Licenses:

  3. Once the last point is verified, you can connect to the Engine using a command line interface and run the command: 

    nxinfo license -w

    This command will show the license status on the Engine.


If the issues persist, you can always contact Nexthink Support Team.

Please make sure to provide:

  • Details on the troubleshooting steps done so far and output

  • Support script output of Portal and affected Engine(s)

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