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Branding the Portal

To customize the visual appearance of the Portal and adapt it to your corporate image, use the administration menu in the main navigation bar and click on Appearance.

On the personalization page you can change the following elements:

  • Navigation bar logo

  • Sign-in screen logo and background

Email digest logo

Mail clients retrieve the logo displayed in email digests from a public online location. Therefore, to replace the logo in email digests:

  1. Upload your logo image to a publicly accessible location. Use a common web image format (PNG, GIF, or JPEG) so that most mail clients can display it.

  2. Log in to the CLI of the Appliance that hosts the Portal.

  3. Optional: If the Portal has no configuration file yet, that is, if portal.conf does not exist in folder /var/nexthink/portal/conf, create it by copying the defaults from the sample configuration file: sudo -u nxportal cp /var/nexthink/portal/conf/portal.conf.sample \

  4. Edit the configuration file of the Portal: sudo vi /var/nexthink/portal/conf/portal.conf

  5. Add the following line to the configuration: globalconfig.portal.digest.logo-url = "http://<URL_of_your_logo>"

  6. Save your changes and quit the editor by typing: :wq

  7. Restart the Portal: sudo systemctl restart nxportal

The logo image is displayed in the email digest with a resolution of 128x34 pixels. For an optimal result, use a logo image of this exact size or with the same aspect ratio.


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