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Creating a service-based alert

Service-based alerts rely on the thresholds of the services that you define in the Finder. The prerequisites for a service to accept the creation of an alert are thus the following:

  • The service must be active (i.e. not disabled).

  • The service must specify thresholds in its definition.

  • There is no other service-based alert defined for the same service.

To create a service-based alert in the Portal:

  1. Log in to the Portal as admin.

  2. In the ADMINISTRATION top menu, under CONTENT MANAGEMENT, select the Alerts dashboard.

  3. Click the plus sign on the top right corner of the Alerts dashboard. The dialog to configure a new service-based alert pops up.

    1. Type in the Name of the alert.

    2. Optional: Describe the function of the alert briefly in the Description field.

    3. Assign the alert to a category or create a new category for alerts in the Category section.

    4. In the Service list selection, pick the service that you want to use as a base for the alert. Only the active services that specify thresholds in their definition and that are not used in any other alert are available. The dialog displays the thresholds configured for the service as well as the box ignore until x or more devices are impacted, since they are used to determine when to trigger the alert.

    5. If the service defines two thresholds, choose the one that triggers the alert in Trigger alert when x threshold is crossed:

      • Select yellow to trigger the alert when the ratio of the devices with an issue over the devices using the service exceeds the warning threshold.

      • Select red to trigger the alert when the ratio of the devices with an issue over the devices using the service exceeds the error threshold.

    6. Tick the Send email when alert is triggered check box to send the details of the alert to its subscribed users via email.

  4. Click Create and your new alert is added to the list of alerts under administration.

The alert is now created, but it is not enabled until users subscribe to it. Users may subscribe individually to an alert if the alert is part of their roles. If a role includes an alert as mandatory, all the users who have that role assigned are automatically subscribed to the alert.

To subscribe to a service-based alert:

  1. Log in to the Portal with your user account.

  2. Click the bell icon in the top right corner of the Portal.

  3. Click the entry My alerts from the drop-down list.

  4. Click the plus sign icon followed by the label Subscribe to alert in the top right of the special dashboard My alerts.

  5. Select one or more alerts from the list Alert. The list shows only the alerts that are not yet added to your Portal. If there are no alerts that you can subscribe to, the dialog displays an appropriate message and finishes.

  6. Optional: Filter the list of alerts by role with the help of the drop-down list Filter by role. This is useful for locating a particular alert in the list when many alerts are defined for your roles.

  7. Click the button OK. The alert is added to the special dashboard My alerts.


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