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Following the evolution of a service


In Observing service performance you have learned how to interpret the service view in the Finder. The Portal offers you a different perspective on services, allowing you to see not only real-time data, but also longer time intervals for historical data and trend analysis.

Adding a service dashboard to the Portal

To add a service to the Portal, create a dashboard for it. You can either add the dashboard to an existing service module or create a new service module. Only modules of type service can hold service-based dashboards.

To create a new service module:

  1. Log in to the Portal as administrator or as a user with the right to create personal dashboards.

  2. Click the menu (three bars) icon on the right-hand side of the dark blue ribbon.

  3. Select the last option Create new module....

  4. Select Service Monitoring to create a new module for hosting services.

Alternatively, navigate to an existing service module using the navigation tool on the left-hand side of the dark blue ribbon. The tool displays the names of the module and dashboard that are currently active in the Portal:

  1. Click the names of the current module and dashboard.

  2. Select a service module from the section My content, since only those modules that belong to you are available for editing.

  3. Open the Overview dashboard or any other dashboard of a service in the module.

  4. Click the menu icon on the right-hand side of the dark blue ribbon.

  5. Select Configure module....

Once you have created a new service module or entered the configuration of an existing service module, add the desired service (or services) to it:

  1. From the list of available services, select those that you want to see in the module and click the button with the arrow pointing to the right. Services move from the AVAILABLE list to the SELECTED list.

  2. Optional: If you selected some services by mistake, select them again and click the button with the arrow pointing to the left. Services move from the SELECTED list back to the AVAILABLE list.

  3. Optional: All service modules have an Overview dashboard where you can see the list of all other dashboards in the module, each one representing a different service. Select how you want to arrange this list of services and their status break down, whether in rows or in columns, by setting the option In overview dashboard, display services as rows / columns.

  4. To end adding the service (or services), click Create, if you are creating a new module, or Done, if you are modifying an existing module.

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