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Getting a quick overview

Get a glimpse of recent happenings in your setup thanks to the Quick views of the Start page. Quick views summarize important information and let you perform frequent tasks, such as executing the most recently used investigations or inspecting services in detail. By default, the Start page displays the Quick views at the bottom of its main space, which is shared with the Search tool. Thus, launching a search effectively hides the Quick views, which are replaced by the results of the search. To get the Quick views back, erase the contents of the Search box.

Quick views are disposed horizontally in the screen as individual boxes. Scroll the Quick views with the help of the arrows placed on the left and right sides of the views to see all the boxes.

Recent alerts

The Recent alerts box highlights the alerts on devices that where triggered during the last 24 hours. The box displays the name of the alert along with the number of devices that generated the alert inside a red circle.

To analyze the alert in detail, click the name of the alert in the box for getting the list of impacted devices.

Services with threshold violations

The Services with threshold violations box shows a list of services ordered by the gravity of the violation (depending on whether the service crossed either the error or the warning threshold) and the number of devices impacted during the last 24 hours. For each service, the list displays the name of the service and, inside a red circle, the number of devices that attempted to connect to the service but found an issue.

To analyze the service in detail, click the name of the service in the list for opening the Service view.

Recently used investigations

The Recently used investigations box holds a list of the last five investigations that you executed in the Finder. To execute again any of the investigations in the list, click the name of the investigation.

Only named investigations are stored in the list of recently used investigations.

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