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License backup and restore

In the case of a complete failure of the appliance that hosts the Portal, the locally cached license may be lost as well. To avoid this, you can manually save a copy of your license file into the same shared folder that you use for your external Portal backups, for example.

Manual backup

To save the cached license file:

  1. Log in to the CLI of the appliance that hosts the Portal.

  2. Copy the cached license files to an external storage medium, for instance, the external share for the Portal configured in the Web Console:

    mkdir -p /<external_share>/LicenseRestore
    sudo cp /var/nexthink/llm/data\ /{license.file,llm_private_key.txt,llm_public_key.txt} \

Restoring the license

Before restoring the license, restore first the Portal in the new appliance and configure the access to the storage medium (typically the external share) where you stored a copy of the license file.

To restore the cached license file:

  1. Log in to the new appliance that hosts the Portal.

  2. Copy the license file backups to the correct folder in the appliance:

    sudo cp /<external_share>/LicenseRestore\
    /{license.file,llm_private_key.txt,llm_public_key.txt} \
    sudo chown nxtlicense:nxtlicense /var/nexthink/llm/data/*
  3. Restart the local license manager service:

    sudo systemctl restart nxllm
  4. Check that the LLM works correctly:

    sudo /var/nexthink/llm/bin/

Recreating the license

In the case of a full disaster where you do not have an external backup of the cached license file, deactivate the product from the Portal:

  1. Log in to the Portal as admin.

  2. In the ADMINISTRATION menu, click Licenses under the SYSTEM CONFIGURATION section.

  3. Click the button Deactivate product at the top right corner of the Licenses panel.

  4. Ask Nexthink for a new license and reactivate the product.


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