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Sending additional data to Support


To help Nexthink Support correctly diagnose issues within your setup, send data about the performance and health of your Appliances from the Web Console.

Running the Support script

After contacting Nexthink Support, you may be requested to run the Support script on one or more of your Nexthink Appliances and send the results back to the Support team for analysis.

To run the Support script from the Web Console:

  1. Log in to the Web Console of the concerned Appliance.

  2. Select the APPLIANCE tab at the top of the Web Console.

  3. Click Support from the left-hand side menu.

    • When retrieving data from the Portal Appliance, tick any of the choices under Extra options, if requested by Support:

      1. Tick SMTP logs to include the logs related to the sending of emails from the Appliance (notifications and digests).

      2. Tick SSO logs to include the logs about the authentication of users through single-sing on.

  4. Click the button RUN SCRIPT under Run support script.

The execution time of the Support script can take up to approximately 20 minutes. Avoid restarting the Appliance while the script is running.

Sending the results to support

To get the results from the Web Console, still from the Support page:

  1. Click the button DOWNLOAD RESULTS under Script results.

    • The date and time of the last created file appear to the right of the button.

    • If no results are yet available, the message No Support script results found is displayed instead.

  2. Attach the downloaded file to your answer in the support ticket.


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