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Setting up a software license

Once you have installed all the appliances (the Portal and one or more Engines), request a software license to make the whole system work properly. Before requesting a license, read carefully the licensing terms and make sure that you have the following information readily available:

  • Total number of devices to monitor (Windows and Mac OS).

  • Total number of Mobile devices to survey.

  • Number of servers.

  • Validity period of the license:

    • Start date.

    • Expiration date.

  • Desired optional modules, along with their own validity period (start and end dates):

    • Nexthink Act.

    • Nexthink Engage.

    • Nexthink Integrate.

    • Nexthink Enhance.

    • Nexthink Web and Cloud (now integrated into the basic offer).

  • Type of license required:

    • Online.

    • Offline.

The validity period of the optional modules cannot exceed the validity period of the license.

To request more information about the licensing process or for any question related to the license of your specific setup, please send an email to::license:

Determining the activation mode of your license

The activation of the license depends on the connectivity of your appliances to the Internet.

  • Request an online license if your appliances connect to the Internet. Online licenses are easier to set up and more flexible for updating than offline licenses. Nexthink recommends to use an online license whenever possible.

  • Request an offline license only when your appliances cannot connect to the Internet.

Ordering and activating a new license

Once you issue a Purchase Order, you will receive a new license activation key from the Sales operations department of Nexthink by email.

To activate your new license:

  1. Open the Portal and log in as central administrator.

  2. In the ADMINISTRATION menu, select Licenses under the SYSTEM CONFIGURATION section.

  3. Enter the activation key.

  4. Select your mode of activation for the license:

    • Online activation.

    • Offline activation.

  5. Allocate the number of licensed end-user devices (Windows and Mac), servers and Mobile devices among your Engines.

  6. Finish the activation of the license:

    • If you requested an online activation of the license:

      1. Click Apply and you are done.

    • If you requested an offline activation of the license:

      1. Click next to go on with the activation.

      2. Click Download license file to get an encrypted file holding your license information.

      3. Go to to get your signed license file

      4. Upload the signed license file in Portal

Updating or modifying an existing license

At some point in time, you may want to modify an existing license for different reasons: change the number of devices, extend the expiry date, etc. Both our Licensing and Support teams handle license update requests; however, each team manages different aspects of the process. Use the table below to appropriately direct your request:




Modify the number of licensed endpoints, servers, or mobile devices.

Add a new module.

Refresh the license after adding a new module or modifying the number of licensed devices.

Transfer licensed devices to another license.

Reallocate licensed devices among different Engines within the same license.

Change activation mode of the license: online or offline.

Reactivate non-expired license in out-of-grace state (usually because of inactivity).

Renew an expired module or license.

Disable Support Telemetry.

Inability of Portal to communicate license info (connectivity issue between Nexthink components).

Inability to log in to the Finder with error message: User authentication failed (no license available).

Stakeholders receive a notification after a license is modified in the Central License Manager of Nexthink. Find more information in the description of the email notification after the modification of a license.

Concurrent management of the license

Beware that more than one central administrator may access the license management dashboard in the Portal at the same time. In this case, the Portal displays appropriate warning messages if the concurrent modification of the license might lead to inconsistencies.


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