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Status of UDP connections

UDP is a stateless protocol; therefore, a UDP connection has no status in a strict sense. Nevertheless, for keeping them similar to TCP connections, UDP connections also include a status field in Nexthink.

Because of the very nature of the UDP protocol, the status of a UDP connection does not indicate success or failure in the delivery. However, the system can deduce whether the connection is still ongoing or if it has expired. Thus, the two possible statuses of a UDP connection are:


While events are being aggregated to the same connection (increasing its cardinality), the system considers that the connection is still open; that is, the device keeps sending datagrams to the same destination via the same UDP port.


When the aggregation time has passed and there are no new events to add to the connection, the UDP connection is considered closed.

The aggregation time depends on your settings for aggregating events (minimum 5 minutes).




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