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System alerts


System alerts inform you of special circumstances during system operation. There are four types of system alerts. For each type of system alert, find below its associated warning messages along with the description of the situation that is at the origin of the alert.

System alerts are communicated via email to the following recipients:

  • The contacts specified in the Nexthink contract, for the license alerts managed by the CLM.

  • The main admin account, for all the other types of system alerts, which are managed by the Engine.

Emails are sent by means of the mail server in the hosting Appliance.

License alerts (Central License Manager)

The Central License Manager sends email notifications related to the status of the product license.

The recipients of the notification are the ones specified in the contract with Nexthink:

  • To: Customer contact

  • Cc: Partner contact

  • Cc: Nexthink sales contact

And the following types of notification exist:

Activation key

When a new license is created on the Central License Manager, an activation key is sent. This activation key is used to activate the product.

Modification of the license

When the license is modified in the Central License Management, an automatic notification is sent.

For online license, the modification will be automatically applied after a maximum of 6 hours. If necessary, you can force the refresh of the license. For that purpose, go to the Portal, open the view "License Management" and click the refresh button on the top right corner of the page.

For offline license, the modified license file will be sent attached to the notification. This file has to be uploaded to the Portal, on the view "License Management" such that changes are applied.

Limitation: notifications are sent only if the license was activated and is not revoked.

Connectivity issues

After three days without connectivity between the Portal and the Central License Manager, an email is sent. The notification is repeated every 7 days.

Limitation: only for commercial license.

License alerts (Engine)

Besides the Central License Manager, the Engine sends some kinds of license notifications as well.

Maximum number of licensed devices reached

Triggered when the Engine reaches the maximum number of devices specified in the license and a new source appears in the network.

To know about the number of devices in excess, examine the Engine logs.

Limit alerts

Limit alerts warn you about a possible loss of information related to a technical limitation of the Engine.

Too many processes started on [device IP address]/[device name]

Triggered when more than 10 000 processes have been started by a single user on a device within 15 minutes and the processes are running simultaneously. The Engine does not store information about any other process for that user beyond that limit.

Too many connections generated by executable [executable name] on [device IP address]/[device name]

Triggered when more than 10 000 connections are established by a process on a device within 15 minutes. No more concurrent connections are stored in the Engine for that process beyond this limit.

Engine is about to reach or has reached the limit for the maximum number of ...

Triggered when more than the 95% of the maximum number of objects of a particular type are already stored in the Engine. When the limit is reached, the Engine stores no more objects of the given type.

The Engine generates this alert for the following types of objects:

  • Binaries, the maximum allowed are 40 000 binaries.

  • Domains, the maximum allowed are 250 000 web domains.

Engine has detected a large amount of the following objects, which might cause performance issues ...

Triggered when the number of objects of a particular type reaches an amount that may degrade the performance of the Engine. The Engine generates this alert for the following type of objects:

  • Destinations, when the Engine has recorded more than 50 000 destinations.

The limit alerts for binaries, domains and destinations include additional information on the Engine that generated the alert (Source), and the user concerned (User), which is admin for system alerts.

Internal alerts

Internal alerts provide you with general information on the status of the Engine.

Server started

Triggered when the Nexthink Engine reboots.

Unable to connect to Nexthink Application Library

Occurs when the Engine cannot connect to the Application Library to get information on binaries and packages.

Server Crash alert

The server crash alert is issued on the occurrence of an unrecoverable error in the Engine.

Server crash

Triggered when the Nexthink Engine finds a minidump file in the database directory while rebooting, meaning that the Engine crashed previously.



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