Apollo Design

Apollo design is now available for on-premise customers

To ensure visual consistency, the new Apollo design is now available for on-premise customers.

Customized login screen is available. 

Modules and widgets have a new look and feel: 

 When migrating from V6.25 or earlier, scroll bars may appear in preexisting densely-packed dashboards because of the additional spacing between widgets of the new design.

Software metering dashboard has new design and simplified interaction. 

Device locator has a new design as well.


Campaign auto dashboards

 The following content applies exclusively to the Nexthink Cloud offering.

To gain more visibility on running campaigns, a new dashboard is automatically created when a campaign is published. The dashboard provides an overview of each campaign as well as its results.

Campaign dashboards will be available by the end of May.


Act API v2

The new version of the Act API enables targeting particular Engines when triggering the execution of a remote action.

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Proxy support

To reach the Nexthink Cloud from a corporate network, both Finder and Collector support the connection through a proxy server.

Finder proxy support

The Finder supports connection through a proxy server by using the proxy settings specified in Windows. When connecting to the Nexthink Cloud, the Finder communicates both with the Portal and with the Engines through a single port (TCP 443).

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Mac Collector proxy support

Specify the custom proxy settings for the Mac Collector either manually or by providing a proxy auto-configuration (PAC) file during installation.

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Windows Collector improved proxy support

The Windows Collector now supports Integrated Windows Authentication when connecting through a proxy.

In addition to the system settings, you can now configure the proxy settings for the Collector either manually or by providing a dedicated PAC file expressly for the Windows Collector.

Specify the proxy settings during installation via the Nexthink Collector Installer or after installation with the Collector Configuration Tool (Nxtcfg).

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Windows Virtual Desktop

The Collector supports the installation on Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD), Microsoft's VDI for Azure. Check out the especial conditions that apply when installing the Collector on WVD, in particular for multi-session Windows 10.

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More data from Active Directory

 The following content applies exclusively to the Nexthink Cloud offering.

User objects hold four additional fields of data coming from Active Directory:

  • Location

  • Locality name

  • Country code

  • Organizational unit name.

These fields will be populated by the next version of the Data Enricher; therefore, although present in all Engines, the fields will hold meaningful data in Nexthink Cloud only.

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