Digital Experience Score

Digital Experience Score Library Pack V2

To help measure digital employee experience and proactively improve it, the new version of the Digital Experience Score pack is enhanced with more accurate data that can be customized for the needs of each organization.

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Data collection

Application startup duration

To provide more information on which applications are affecting digital employee experience, the Collector now measures the time from process start until a window is displayed.

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Disk type

Solid-state drives (SSDs) offer a speed advantage over the more traditional mechanical hard disk drives (HDDs), usually at a higher cost per unit of storage, and provide an overall better experience. This higher read speed makes SSDs ideal for use as system disk to boot up your devices and load your most used applications faster.


With Nexthink V6.27, know whether your devices are equipped with either an SSD or an HDD as system disk.

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Boot duration and fast startup

Fast startup is a feature first introduced in Windows 8 and continued in Windows 10 that reduces the time that a device needs to boot up. Because a fast startup sequence does not follow the same steps as a full boot, Nexthink versions previous to V6.27 were not considering fast startups as boot events.

To better measure the actual number of system boots and the average boot duration of devices, Nexthink V6.27 regards fast startups as genuine boot events. Individual boot events in Nexthink indicate now whether they correspond to a full boot or a fast startup.

In addition, the accuracy of the boot duration has been improved to better reflect the employee experience. In previous versions of Nexthink, the start of the kernel and the launching of the LogonUI.exe process were respectively taken as the start and stop events of the boot sequence. The boot duration is now measured from the instant an employee presses the power button to the moment the sign-in screen shows up.

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Support for Act on MacOS

To allow seamless deployment, Bash is now used as supported scripting language for MacOS.

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APIs and Integrations

Audit trail API

Conveniently retrieve the audit logs from Nexthink Appliances to automate the inspection of security-relevant activity of Nexthink users.

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NXT protocol additions

Launch the Finder via a URL (thanks to the nxt:// protocol) to edit a particular campaign or remote action.

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