UI improvements

New Portal navigation

The Nexthink Portal has now a brand new navigation bar on the left side, providing a more intuitive and consistent user experience.

macOS Collector

Web & Cloud

To enable better monitoring of all the enterprise web services and applications, Web & Cloud is now available for macOS. Nexthink main use cases are now available both macOS and Windows.


Measure and proactively improve the Digital Employee Experience with new dedicated metrics and data: Citrix Round Trip Time, session network latency, client IP and protocol.

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Digital Employee Experience Score

All DEX scores are fully compatible with macOS. There is now a single package for both macOS and Windows.

A light version of the DEX Score V2 pack is installed by default when the system detects that there is no preexisting DEX Score V2 pack already present. In order to fully benefit from what the DEX score has to offer you, will still need to install the full Nexthink Library pack.