Support for Amazon WorkSpaces

We are excited to share that Nexthink now collects session performance data for PCoIP-based Amazon WorkSpaces. The WorkSpaces support expands our desktop virtualization coverage, which also includes Citrix, VMware Horizon, and Microsoft Windows Virtual Desktop.

Session performance metrics offer a way to monitor virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) and session-based computing (SBC), enabling you to improve the digital employee experience for virtualized environments.

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Outlook Troubleshooting

A performant, stable and well-managed Microsoft Outlook environment is vital for any organization. Explore a new library pack allowing both administrators and architects to gain key visibility into employees' Outlook experience, drive best practices with personal folder management and understand and improve the stability of Outlook plugins.

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OneDrive - Advanced Operations

Gain deeper insights into your OneDrive landscape to monitor, manage and improve the experience throughout its lifecycle. Leverage new metrics and remote actions to gain a keen understanding of your client deployment and address key challenges such as OneDrive sync issues and OneDrive deployment ring management.

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UI improvements for campaigns

With SmartPrompt, Engage campaigns will now be presented at times when employees are more likely to be available. Employees can also now choose to be reminded at a later time for a campaign. These improvements increase the employee response rate and offer employees more flexibility in responding to campaigns.

Data collection improvements

New device performance metrics can now be monitored. The new metrics provide better insights into virtualized environments and help with troubleshooting for all systems, enabling administrators to improve the overall digital employee experience.

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Email digest default configuration

A Nexthink administrator can now control if a group of users should receive email digests or not.

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Collector new privacy controls

To complement the existing privacy controls at the database level, we introduced Collector-level encryption of user names.

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Mac Collector supports Apple Silicon

From version, the Mac Collector can run on devices powered by Apple Silicon, the new architecture for Mac devices available since November 2020.

Remote Actions support additional output variables on Mac

The execution of Remote Actions can generate outputs that are stored as on-demand data in the Engine. We added the support for 5 new types.

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