The macOS Collector now runs natively on both Intel and Apple Silicon-based devices. The installer is provided in a Universal Binary format.

Improve campaign tray usability

For higher response rates, there is now a more prominent "Remind me later" button.

For a better user experience, the "Show Now" button will not display for shorter messages.

Persona Insight - Device and Application Sizing

Offer the most appropriate hardware and software equipment to your employees based on their profile in a new "hybrid working" environment.

The Persona Insight - Device and Application Sizing library packs enable you to analyze and optimize hardware and software distribution usage across 3 key personas:

  • deskbound

  • office mobile

  • fully remote.

Reduce asset management costs and optimize employee experience with persona-based provisioning.

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Explore Persona Insight: Application Sizing

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Collaboration optimization APP ONLY

Zoom, Teams, WhatsApp, Outlook, Slack… all of the above?

EUC teams are responsible for effective digital collaboration, but what if employees are resistant to adopting IT's preferred solution? Ineffective collaboration tool adoption will rapidly lead to security and productivity issues.

The collaboration optimization library pack allows you to accelerate the adoption of your collaboration tools by understanding employee usage, resistance to change, and getting rid of shadow collaboration.

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Virtualization troubleshooting

Without effective troubleshooting capabilities, maintaining a healthy virtualized environment is painfully complex, leading to increased support overheads.

The virtualization troubleshooting library pack provides tailored scores, pre-filtered alerts, and targeted investigations, allowing you to rapidly — and proactively — identify the scope of an issue for more efficient troubleshooting.

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MS ConfigMgr - Client health

Gain landscape-wide visibility over the health and status of MS Endpoint Configuration Manager (MEMCM / SCCM) clients. This Library Pack offers the ability to rapidly detect, drill down, and troubleshoot compliance, installation, or communication issues at scale, in real-time.

Use this pack to run a healthy and compliant MEMCM/ SCCM environment and prevent unnecessary support overhead.

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