Green IT

IT plays a critical role in managing the environmental impact of digital workplace technology. The Green IT Library Pack enables you to define your level of Green IT maturity and deliver impactful changes at the hardware, infrastructure, and employee behavior level.

Reduce your carbon footprint, and its related costs, by:

  • Identifying sources of unnecessary energy consumption

  • Deploying  fixes to implement best practices

  • Avoiding hardware waste

  • Educating employees to influence their behavior

Laptop energy consumption

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Manage Firefox Browser Remote Actions

Don't let browser non-compliance escalate into performance or security issues.

The Firefox Browser Management Library Pack enables you to:

  • Understand which plug-ins are installed

  • Set the desired configuration or establish a blocklist for plug-ins

  • Clear cache and cookies

  • Execute full user cleanups

This pack also provides an Engage campaign to notify employees about changes made on their browsers.

Remote actions

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Nexthink technical previews

Nexthink technical previews are now listed on the documentation website. If you are interested in helping us shape the future of our products and improve the digital employee experience, contact your Nexthink account manager or Nexthink certified partner to become an early adopter of new Nexthink functionality.

Nexthink technical previews