Hybrid working experience

The future of work is hybrid.

To address this change, we are evolving our current Remote Work Experience solution to help you manage the experience of a wider Hybrid Workforce across three key working styles: office, remote and hybrid working employees.

You can track your employees’ working style and location preference, as well as proactively drill down into the source of IT issues by leveraging both sentiment and technical insight.

Explore the Hybrid Working Experience Library Pack.

Optimize Hybrid Working

Windows 11 Pilot and Migration

Migrate to Windows 11 with total confidence.

Following our Windows 11 Readiness Library Pack, you can now access dedicated content to pilot and, when ready, migrate your entire landscape to Windows 11 with clear and actionable visibility.

The Windows 11 Pilot and Migration Library packs allow you to track your rollout process from both a technical and sentiment perspective to ensure it is not only stable but also well received by your employees.

Windows 11 Pilot and Migration

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Support for Windows 11 and macOS Monterey

Nexthink Experience now detects and reports both Windows 11 and macOS Monterey operating systems. You can install Nexthink Collector on these new operating systems as well.