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Configure Identification Rules

In order to import data correctly, it is very important to configure the Identification Rules. The Identification Rules allow the CMDB identification using attributes that are defined as unique keys. To obtain more information, click here.

By default, the connector uses the name as the primary key for the computers and the name and the version as the primary key for the software packages.

If the identification rules are not configured in this way, the data will not be retrieved properly.

To configure the identification rules, follow the next steps:

  • Type CI Class Manager in the filter navigator and click on the CI Class Manager module. Then, Open Hierarchy:

  • In the menu, search the CI class of the CMDB to define it and click, for example, computer.

  • Go to the Identification Rule section and check that an identifier entry exists for the attributes defined as primary keys. By default, the connector will need an identifier entry for the attribute name for the computers and an identifier entry for the attributes name and version for the software packages.

  • In the event there is no identifier entry defined for the attributes to be used as primary keys, it must be added. To do so, simply click the Add button and specify the attributes.

Once this configuration has been completed, IRE will be able to identify in which cases the data should be inserted or updated in the CMDB tables.

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