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Configure import properties

This section explains how to configure the importing of data into tables that do not belong to the CMDB through a property. This property determines whether a record should be created in the table. By default, the property is enabled, in other words, records will be created in tables that do not belong to the CMDB. However, if desired, the property can be disabled.

For example, when importing devices from Nexthink, one of the CI fields retrieved is the manufacturer. This field, in the cmdb_ci_computer table, is a reference to another table (core_company). The connector will look for the record in this table which corresponds to the retrieved data in order to link it to the new record created in the CMDB. However, there may be no record corresponding to the retrieved data. The record will either be inserted or not, based on the property configuration.

This section only contains one point.

Enable/Disable insertion of references is a link to the property where the value can be set to true or false depending on whether or not you want to write to the tables that do not belong to the CMDB.

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