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How to customize the behaviour of the Connector

In the previous section data transformation and mapping by default, the list of the fields imported from Nexthink out-of-the-box for each CI and the transformations for the same can be found.

However, if it is required to add, remove or modify any of the columns retrieved, a ServiceNow Plugin can be used.

This plugin can be installed in system definition > Plugin, search for IntegrationHub ETL and click on install.

Once the new plugin is activated, it can be accessed in the module Configuration > IntegrationHub ETL.

The IntegrationHub ETL home will display both SG-Nexthink Computers and SG-Nexthink Rel. Computer-Software data sources.

By clicking on either of the sources, it is possible to access the ETL Transform Map Assistant to modify the data source specified:

For complete guidance of the integrationHub ETL plugin, please, refer to the ServiceNow Docs.

To summarize the usage of this tool, there are two main use cases:

  • Add or modify the fields retrieved from Nexthink. Section 2. Prepare Source Data for Mapping manages the columns retrieved from Nexthink. Therefore, you can customize the configuration out-of-the-box to import the data required.

  • Add or modify the transformation for a field. In this case, the transformations can be edited in section 3. Map Data to CMDB and Add Relationships.

Before implementing any customization on the Connector, extensive testing and validation of data should be completed. Also, be aware that any customization might change the out-of-the-box behavior.

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