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Import and setup the CMDB categories in Finder

To provide even more flexibility, three new categories have been included in the Finder content pack which allow the tagging of devices that need to be imported in the CMDB.


To import the content pack, download the attachment above and follow the next steps:

  1. Log in to Finder

  2. Click on the gear wheel icon located in the top-right corner

  3. Select the option Import content pack from file

  4. Select the content pack file downloaded from this page

  5. Click on the import button in the new window

  6. Go to the left panel, click on categories and Confirm the categories listed below have been created:

At this point, the categories have been created. By default, these contain rules to tag the devices only as to be analyzed, hence, it is necessary to edit them and configure the rules to automatically tag the devices and the software packages accordingly.

Please note that this is a mandatory step for the application to operate properly, otherwise, no data will be transferred to ServiceNow or too much data without business value will be imported into ServiceNow.

Tips to create conditions in the Categories

Based on what information is required to be populated, the following questions may need to be asked of the CMDB experts:

1) Devices: Do you want to add all devices, or are there any specific ones you want to keep out?

2) Software packages: Do you want to add every piece of software available in the devices (including all updates and packages), or do you want to focus on specific applications like Office, SAP, etc? We recommend including only those that are useful from the CMDB perspective.

If the answer to the previous questions is known, it will be easier to set up the auto-tagging rules on the categories to tag the necessary CIs as synchronize.

How to edit the categories

The categories that need to be edited to import the devices and workstations to the CMDB towards ServiceNow Service Graph Connector for Nextink are listed below:

  • Workstation

  • Software

To edit any of the above, just right-click on one and select the option edit. A new tab will be opened where the keywords are displayed. Click on the synchronize keyword and set the rules to import the data according to your requirements.

For example, to import all workstations the category must be edited to have the following condition:

To ensure the rule is applied, we can close the category tab, right-click on the category and select the option display tags. A new tab will be opened displaying the category keyword for each record:

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