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No Cis imported and no errors found in the log

It is possible that after executing the data imports, the CIs are not imported in the corresponding tables. In this case, it is recommended to investigate the system logs, along with the ECC queue (if the connection is performed towards an MID Server) or HTTP outbound logs.

It could be the case that no errors are found on the logs after the procedure is complete and the CIs are still not imported. In this case, it is recommended to follow the following steps:

  1. log into the NXQL editor for your engine


    *Please, note that the port would be 1671 in case of on-premise engines and 443 in case of Nexthink experience (cloud) engines.

  2. set the username and password

  3. select the platforms (Windows + MacOs) in the top-right corner

  4. Execute the following query:

    (select ((device name) (package name))
       (from (device package)
         (with installation
           (where device
           	(eq #"ServiceNow CMDB" (enum "synchronize")))))(limit 100))
  5. Check results

    1. If results are displayed, please, double-check in the ECC queue if the CIs have been retrieved from the Nexthink engine and in they have been successfully imported into the CMDB table.

    2. If no records are listed in the results, no records are tagged as synchronize in the Finder categories. Please, Follow theImport and setup the CMDB categories in Finder section of this guide and double-check that the CIs are tagged to be pulled from the engines.

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