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Before installing the connector, the following requirements must be met:

  • A ServiceNow subscription to a Subscription Unit based IT Operations Management (ITOM) Visibility or ITOM Discovery application.

  • The application CMDB CI Class Models (sn_cmdb_ci_class).

  • The application Integrations Common for CMDB (sn_cmdb_int_util).

  • System Import sets plugin must be installed.

  • Data Stream Action plugin must be installed.

These dependencies are entirely necessary to install the connector. In the event that some of them are not installed, a modal will show up indicating that this dependency will be automatically installed.

*Note that IntegrationHub ETL application is not necessary to use the connector, but if you want to make customizations to the retrieved information, it is absolutely necessary to install it. To obtain more information about this application click here.

Apart from the aforementioned pre-requisites, please note that Service Graph Connector for Nexthink is based on IRE. Therefore, for the correct operation of the application, setting up the IRE identification rules for workstations and software CI types is a requirement.

Further information about how to implement these rules can be found by clicking on the link below:

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