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What about Nexthink CMDB Connector?

Despite Nexthink ServiceNow Service Graph Connector and Nexthink CMDB Connector having the same purpose (retrieving data from Nexthink appliances and importing it to the ServiceNow CMDB tables), they don’t actually work in the same way.

Whereas Nexthink CMDB Connector can import 5 different CI types (User, workstation, Server, Service, and software package), as well as, the relationships between them, the Service Graph Connector version 1.0.0 is designed to import the workstations and the relationships between the computers and software packages installed on them.

This is the case because the ServiceNow Service Graph Connector was designed to cover some points where performance is better than CMDB.

Regarding compatibility, these are two different applications. Both of them will act over the same tables, and will, in fact, share the IRE identification rules for the computers and software packages. Nevertheless, bear in mind that these are two different applications that are fully compatible as they don’t interfere with each other.

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