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Why ServiceNow Service Graph Connector?

Service Graph Connector logic allows a CMDB administrator to import data from external applications.
Nexthink uses an alternative application called ServiceNow Nexthink CMDB connector.

This application is using a different logic that allows importing CIs and relationships on the ServiceNow tables. However, it requires some expertise to configure the application and despite it is a strong application that will normally work smoothly, in case of huge loads, it can take too much time to complete the import process and in some corner cases, results could be inconsistent.

This is where Service Graph is useful. Due to the great performance of the engine, based on IRE, it is capable of importing massive loads from Nexthink engines and is very resilient to failures, making the import procedure even more secure and consistent.

For further reference, the Nexthink ServiceNow Service Graph Connector application has been designed to smoothly import the relationships between computers and software packages, which based on experience, is the data that causes the biggest import loads compared to other types of relationships.

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