Faced with constant change, IT departments are often trapped in a vicious circle – trying to innovate yet struggling to address resulting employee issues. Nexthink Experience breaks that cycle. It provides IT with the real-time analytics, employee feedback and automated remediation that they need to progress from reactive problem solving to proactive and continuous improvement making.

What is Nexthink Experience?

Nexthink Experience is a technology solution delivered in the form of software-as-a-service. It was developed by Nexthink, a Swiss-based company founded in 2004. Through the use of a light software agent installed onto your company’s workstations and other devices, the solution gives your company’s IT department access over the cloud to data analytics and information for managing governance, performance, availability and compliance of devices across your company. With that data and information, your company’s IT department is able to monitor and improve digital employee experience in a variety of ways. Use cases include compliance, digital transformation, operating system migration, service desk, green IT, economic governance and remote working.

The solution is designed to:

  • Collect and analyze technical data concerning the operating constants of workstations through a “collector” installed on the workstations. The “collector” gathers the technical data at the time the data is produced by Windows or Mac OS kernels.

  • Proactively remedy technical problems encountered by one or more workstations.

  • Measure user sentiment through targeted campaigns. The types of technical data collected and analyzed include, for example, information on IP transactions, network traffic (volume of information exchanged), hard disk occupancy rate, computer hardware components, and installed software and usage rates. For a detailed list of technical data, please visit https://docs.nexthink.com .

Why are we using Nexthink’s solution?

Nexthink’s solution allows your company’s IT department to have instant, in-depth visibility and measurement of all system activity on your company’s workstations by documenting all interactions with networks, servers, printers and the Internet. Nexthink is NOT an employee monitoring solution.

Insight into essential, unique and real-time information allows for resolving unavailability or degraded performance issues to improve user experience across all of your company’s workstations.

In concrete terms, the purpose of Nexthink’s solution is therefore to provide your company’s IT department with dashboards enabling them to ensure the long-term management, governance, risk management and transformation of the workstations for which they are responsible. In addition, through Nexthink’s solution, your company’s IT department will be better equipped to detect suspicious IT behavior, thereby improving the compliance and security of your company’s IT environment.

By using Nexthink’s solution, your company’s IT department will be positioned to ensure the best possible management of workstations and the employee experience from both a functional and performance perspective. They will be able to identify and resolve incidents for employees quicker than might otherwise be possible, often before the user is even aware of a problem, ensuring the best availability of your company’s digital work environment.

Who will have access to Nexthink’s solution?

Administrative rights to Nexthink’s solution are reserved for persons who have been trained in the use of the solution, namely employees of your company’s IT department. The rights are defined by your company’s IT department in accordance with your company’s own internal policies.

Nexthink’s support and cloud operation teams will have access to your company’s data solely for the purpose of addressing tickets submitted by your company. MFA, source IP whitelisting and/or bastion is enforced to control access to the management plane. Access to a customer instance is on demand, is logged, requires a justification and is limited in time. Creation of and changes to privileged accounts in production environments follow formal change control processes.

Does Nexthink’s solution provide access to personal data?

Nexthink’s solution does not allow for viewing or quantifying messages sent or received by a user. Further, it does not show the content of web browsers, emails, or any other applications accessed by a user.

In order to help employees get the most out of their workstations, the solution does allow for your company’s IT department to identify which workstations have been assigned to which employees, in accordance with the GDPR recommendations.

Nexthink’s solution and the architecture behind it indeed complies with the requirements of applicable data protection laws, including the California Consumer Privacy Act (“CCPA”) and the General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679 (“GDPR”).

Access, rights and obligations in connection with information and data collected are in accordance with applicable law.

How long will data be stored in Nexthink’s solution?

Typically, an IT department will keep data in Nexthink’s solution for approximately two to four weeks. This timeframe gives the IT department the time needed to identify issues and take proactive measures for enhancing employees’ digital experience. It can, however, be adjusted by your company’s IT department in accordance with your company’s own internal policies.

Some aggregated data may be stored for a longer timeframe in order to identify trends and changes. Such data is purely statistical (like dashboards) and doesn’t allow any personal identification.

Backups of collected data will be stored for ninety days in case a failure requires data recovery.

What measures does Nexthink have in place to protect my company’s data?

Nexthink applies GDPR standards across its entire enterprise. For instance, Nexthink has set up Technical Operational Measures. Nexthink has also put in place Data Protection Agreements with its sub-contractors and implemented the relevant Standard Contractual Clauses when sub-contractors are based out of the European Economic Area, or outside of a country with an appropriate level of data protection safeguards.

Nexthink is also ISO 27001, 27017 and 27018 certified and benefits from the security capabilities of the hyperscalers hosting Nexthink’s cloud solution.

Which actions are performed by Nexthink remotely over the cloud?

Updates to the collector software agent are delivered over the cloud, using secured means, and in accordance with rules predefined by your company’s IT department. No other actions are typically performed by Nexthink remotely over the cloud.