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Administrators Management

Pack configuration

Administrators Management:

  1. Optional Configuration Two possible optional Nexthink Categories in this pack:

  2. Pilots Categories There is no limit to what can be configured. It is perfectly reasonable to remove any of the above or add any that are wished for.

    • AdministratorsManagement - Administrators Whitelist

    This Category determines the AdministratorsManagement passlist. This can be used to exclude administrators from the metrics except for external/web/mail traffic.

    It will help you to detect unauthorized admin

    AdministratorsManagement - Destinations tagging

    This Category determines the mail/proxy network fqdn.

    It will help you to limit the risk of administrator exposure on the Internet to prevent serious infections.

  3. To clean the Library Pack: Before cleaning, you can backup your "AdministratorsManagement" Library Pack version. To backup, follow this link.

    • In the Finder:

    In each section described, right-click on "Library\AdministratorsManagement" and Delete.

    • Metrics

    • Categories

    • In the Portal:

    Go on the "AdministratorsManagement" module menu then click on "Delete Module..."

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